Thank You from Debra Luther

posted on March 27

Dear District Staff, Clergy and Laity,

“I give great thanks for you” and for the last 27 plus years of building relationships that will never be forgotten. Having joined the ranks of the “retired” on February 28th, I’ve often paused to reflect on our times together. I find myself smiling as I recall a moment, a conversation, or perhaps a bit of help that I was able to give. It reminds me of how blessed I am to have shared in this ministry with you!

Many of you do not know that I made the decision to retire a year ago. Why so long, do you ask? Simply because I knew it would take me a year to mentally prepare to leave. As my daughter said to me, “Mom, it’s who you are ... not just what you do.” Once I realized that she was right, the process of leaving became less daunting. From that moment on, I focused my attention on every life-giving moment of the journey remaining.

Right now it feels like I’m on vacation! I do find that I have more time to continue my volunteer work with the schools in my area in helping them organize their school supply and clothing closets. I also am blessed to have both my daughters and their husbands, along with my four grand boys, close by.

The last few months at work were especially gratifying as so many of you shared words of encouragement and thanks through your phone calls, cards and emails. We have had an exceptional ministry together!

I am grateful for the lovely reception that you shared with me following the District Leadership Conference that was so graciously hosted by Dr. Mark Ralls and his staff from First Hendersonville. I appreciated every word spoken and your incredible financial gift. I am still overwhelmed by your generosity!

Thank you for the ways you helped to “raise me” (since 1991), love me, encourage me, and show your thanks for my work! I am blessed today and every day ... because of you!