Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Plan ADDENDUM

posted on September 28


Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Plan ADDENDUM

October 1, 2021

Covid-19 Vaccination Protocol

  1. Requirements for ALL employees of the Conference

    1. The conference will now require Full Vaccination for all staff no later than January 1, 2022.  

    2. A copy of your record of vaccination should be given to Mark King by that date.    

    3. If you obtain a medical note from a licensed physician in North Carolina, that due to health reasons you should not receive the vaccine, you may be excused.  However, to enter any of our premises for work activity, you must obtain a negative COVID-19 test result on a weekly basis. 

    4. If you choose not to abide by this vaccination requirement OR do obtain a physician exemption, you must obtain a negative COVID-19 test on a weekly basis to enter a WNCC office or site.  You must always wear a mask while on the premises. Your weekly test result should be given to Mark King prior to entering any WNCC premise for work activity, even if just to make a quick entry/exit.

    5. Refusal to comply with these conditions may result in disciplinary action, including up to termination.  

  2. Per CDC recommendations, the following will be in place for all others who are fully vaccinated:

    1. Considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after 2nd Dose if two dose vaccine or 2 weeks after 1st dose if a one dose vaccine.

    2. Masks and social distancing will still be required for all employees in open areas until the CDC recommends that public inside masking is no longer necessary.  Masks are not required when in your office or at your workstation (unless a second party is with you, and you or they prefer to mask).

    3. Even if fully vaccinated, if you are exposed to someone with COVID 19, testing is required.  Please work remotely until you receive your test results and submit them to Mark King prior to entering a WNCC premise.    

    4. If symptoms of any kind appear, you must refrain from coming to the office until 10 days have lapsed OR 7 days if a COVID 19 test is negative.  Test results submission to Mark King will be requested for verification.  Confidentiality is assured on all records.