- Rise! Anti-Racism Training Group 5 Starting Point
Due to the rise in Covid-19 cases, this year's Anti-Racism Training has been moved to ZOOM. Workshops will be offered through 2024 with plans for in-person options beginning in 2022.

Clergy are encouraged to identify and invite at least one layperson to attend the training alongside them.

The redesigned workshop for 2021 will now be an eLearning course with self-paced lessons, small group discussions, and scheduled ZOOM meetings. The entirety of the workshop will run 12 days, with 3 days of ZOOM  sessions included. Below is the tentative schedule.


Day 1               Orientation Session via Zoom (evening)

Days 2-5          Four Self-Paced Lessons via eLearning Platform

Day 6               Two 3-hour Zoom Sessions (morning and afternoon)

Days 7-11        Two Self-Paced Lessons via eLearning Platform

Day 12             Two 3-hour Zoom Sessions (morning and afternoon)

There are 7 virtual trainings being offered this fall. Each session has a capacity of 55-60 people. Because they are online, they are no longer by district. Clergy may now choose the session they wish to attend.

Starting dates for 2021:
August 28 (ZOOM meetings 9/10, 9/17)
September 13 (ZOOM meetings 9/18, 9/24)
September 20 (ZOOM meetings 9/25, 10/1)
October 10 (ZOOM meetings 10/15, 10/22)
October 17 (ZOOM meetings 10/23, 10/29)
October 25 (ZOOM meetings 10/30, 11/12)
November 8 (ZOOM meetings 11/13, 11/19)

Please register online here.