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Lake Junaluska Interfaith Peace Conference

We are living in a culture of increasing polarization that borders on chaos. Our society is divided culturally, politically, economically, and racially. Educational level, sexual identity, geographical region, ethnicity, race, and class have divided our nation.

As a result of these growing divisions within our society, we are not listening to one another.We are gravitating toward conversation only with those with whom we agree on issues. We have barricaded our communities of faith and failed to reach out to our brothers and sisters of the three Abrahamic faiths, much less other faiths or those who advocate no religious belief.

Can we talk/listen to one another? At the Interfaith Peace Conference at Lake Junaluska we will demonstrate the art of building bridges of godly love, and participation in holy conversation. We can agree to disagree with civility and respect while upholding the core values of our various traditions.

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