How can the District Church Transformation Team help my church?

The District Team Coordinator will talk with you to determine which services will best help your church move forward faithfully and effectively and connect you with needed services.

How long do team members work with my church?

Team members are trained to journey with your congregation through various stages of your ministry, offering services based on your current needs. Length of services rage from one day seminars to several months based on the services provided.

Who is on the District Church Transformation Team?

Church Transformation Team members are clergy and laity who have been trained and resourced by Plowpoint Ministries to provide a variety of services to strengthen the ministry of your church. These are passionate, committed servants who care about your church and your ministry and give of themselves to help you.

How much do these services cost my church?

To ensure that these services are accessible and affordable to any church who needs them, the costs have been minimized by using called and committed team members who serve for a small honorarium plus mileage reimbursement and materials.

What do I do if I want the Church Transformation Team to work with my church?

Contact the Team Coordinator: Rob Parsons