2019 Missional Network Charge Conferences

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  • September 29, 2pm - McDowell Network @ Providence UMC

    • Marion First, Addie's Chapel - Clinchfield, Bethel - Old Fort, Carson's Chapel - Trinity, Nebo - Snow Hill, East Marion, Ebenezer - St. Mark's, Glenwood - Pleasant Hill, Concord, Cross, Providence - West Marion

  • September 29, 5pm - East Asheville/Fairview Network @ Swannanoa UMC

    • Groce, Covenant Community, Oakley, East Asheville, Bethesda, Givens Estates, Bethany, Bethel, Black Mountain, Blue Ridge Rural (New), Nesbitt's Chapel, Swannanoa - Tabernacle

  • October 6, 2pm - Mitchell/Yancey Network @ Higgins Memorial UMC

    • Spruce Pine, Bakersville - Deyton Bend - Red Hill, Bald Creek - Pensacola Charge, Celo - Martin's Chapel - Windom, Higgins Memorial

  • October 6, 5pm - Leicester/Madison Network @ Bright Hope Laurel UMC

    • Bright Hope Laurel, Antioch-Fairview, Grace - Bell, Big Sandy - Western Chapel, Little Sandy, Teague's Chapel

  • October 13, 2pm - North Buncombe Network @ Clark’s Chapel UMC

    • Salem, Christ, Barnardsville - Pleasant Gap, Clark's Chapel, Alexander's Chapel, Mars Hill, Pleasant Grove Union, Elkwood-Emma, Weaverville

  • October 13, 5pm - Urban Asheville Network @ Trinity

    • Asbury Memorial, Trinity, Abernethy, Central, Haywood Street, St. Paul’s, Wesley UNC-A Campus, Ministry, Brooks Howell, Asheville Urban (New), Skyland, Biltmore, Given's Estates

  • October 20, 2pm - Hendersonville Network @ First UMC Hendersonville

    • Hendersonville First, Balfour, Edneyville, Fruitland, Hope, Moore's Grove

  • October 20, 5pm - Polk Network @ Lebanon UMC

    • Columbus - Saluda, New Hope, Bethlehem, Lebanon, Tryon, Polk County Church Start (New)

  • October 27, 2pm - Transylvania Network @ Selica UMC

    • Brevard First - English Chapel - Selica, Lake Toxaway, St. Timothy, Brevard College, Sharing House

  • October 27, 5pm - South Buncombe/North Henderson Network @ Fletcher UMC

    • Etowah, Avery's Creek, Cummings Memorial, Fanning Chapel - Upward, Fletcher, Mills River

  • November 3, 2pm - East Rutherford Network @ East Rutherford Middle School

    • Salem, First Forest City, Pleasant Grove - Wells Spring, Bethel - Golden Valley, Cedar Grove - Oak Grove, Sunshine - Pisgah

  • November 3, 5pm - Rutherford Network @ Spindale UMC

    • Spindale, Gilboa - Gilkey - Thermal City, Mount Hebron, Rutherfordton First, Alexander - Gray's Chapel, Kistler's Chapel - Tanner's Grove, Avondale-Cliffside, Caroleen, Providence
  • November 10, 2pm - Hominy Valley Network @ Francis Asbury UMC

    • Oak Hill, Acton, Brown's View, Davis Chapel - Piney Mountain, Francis Asbury, Montmorenci, Reeve's Chapel - Sardis, Snow Hill


Charge Conference Form Submission timeline


Please find below specific instructions for the order and timeline for saving and submitting your charge conference forms.

  1. All forms MUST BE completed and submitted online. For technical instructions for completion of the online forms, click here for a video of Chris Hampton’s training session.
  2. All forms (except the Agenda and Minutes for Charge Conference) MUST BE completed and saved online by the Monday BEFORE your scheduled Sunday Missional Network Charge Conference date. Example: If your Missional Network Charge Conference is scheduled for Sunday, September 29th, your forms and reports should be completed and saved online by Monday, September 23rd. For a list of dates and times of all the scheduled Missional Network Charge Conferences, see above "SCHEDULE".
  3. Once you have completed and saved all your forms, please send Ruth Kapely an email informing her that your forms are ready for review. Ruth’s email is: rkapely@wnccumc.org
  4. The week prior to your scheduled charge conference, Ruth and Beth will review all the saved forms for completion and adequacy. You will receive an email from Ruth letting you know if there are any corrections or edits that need to be made. If you do NOT hear from Ruth, your forms are deemed complete and ready for submission upon completion of the charge conference.
  5. Identify the person from your church who will be present and serve as the Recording Secretary for your church at the scheduled Missional Network Charge Conference (each church will need their own Recording Secretary).
  6. At the Missional Network Charge Conference, your church’s Recording Secretary will keep the minutes according to the Agenda and Minutes for Charge Conference form, including a LIST of all those present from your church at the charge conference. After the charge conference, this online form will need to be updated and completed including the list of those in attendance either as a typed list or an uploaded image.
  7. Following the completion of your scheduled Missional Network Charge Conference and the completion of the minutes form, you will do the final SUBMIT of all the completed and approved forms according to the online directions. At this time, when you type in the name and office of those indicated on the form, it will be the official signature and approval of these forms. For Presiding Elder, enter: Rev. Beth Crissman, Blue Ridge District Superintendent (and this authorizes Beth’s signature on that form as well).



Charge Conference FormS & Technical User Instructions


Chris Hampton, Conference Director of Web and Database Administration, has provided this video as a tutorial for accessing and filling out Charge Conference forms (which can be accessed starting Sept. 1, 2019). 

  • 2019 Charge Conferences
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