We are 132 churches representing 4400+ faithful disciples of Jesus Christ deployed as missionaries to transform communities in the 9 mountain and foothill counties known as the Blue Ridge District.


As Christ followers, we are all called to ministry. We are called to be disciples and to continuously grow in faith & practice. We are here to offer guidance and ideas as you lead congregations in that growth process.

The vitality of our faith communities is important in helping each of us grow as disciples and in guiding us to serve our neighbors. Find out about opportunities to strengthen the faith community where you're involved. 

Serving Our Neighbors

Discipleship growth is inevitably followed by a desire to serve our neighbors. We are continuously searching for and providing new opportunities to help you serve in the most effective ways.

“My family and I love being a part of our faith community here in the Blue Ridge District. Not only do we know there is support for our leaders, we feel like we're united with something bigger. ”